Business travel accommodations, becoming more and more homely.

Business travelers today are somehow changing the way they travel. Not just the way they go from place to place, but especially the way they stay.

Business travelers today are somehow changing the way they travel. Not only in the way they go from one place to another but especially in the way they stay. It is more common to find business travelers who use home sharing applications to stay for a few days when traveling on business.
Hotels are still the most common way to spend nights away from home, but in recent years, applications like AirBnB where you can find rooms to share are becoming more popular with business travelers.

Not only is it because they tend to be cheaper than a hotel room, but most users agree that the location is generally better than most hotels. Let’s keep in mind that it’s also the time for Bleisure when business travelers also stay for pleasure when visiting new cities. We talked about it using Madrid as an example in a previous publication.

Therefore, many travelers prefer to stay in a house rather than a hotel room. They generally enjoy better amenities, find it cheaper, and generally stay in the center of the city or near tourist areas when they share a home.

On the other hand, many corporations and businesses do not recommend their employees use this option or even allow it in their travel policies. They are concerned about the safety of their employees and work exclusively with hotel companies. Most of them are still reviewing home-sharing options before making the decision to include them in their travel policies.

On the other side of the equation are companies like Airbnb. Over the past two years, Airbnb has made the growth of its business travel a priority, and has developed new tools for both corporate travelers and travel planners designed to help achieve it.

“Where we really saw the opportunity was in creating a truly unique and different experience that would help companies manage employee travel and help travelers make the most of their time on the road,” said an Airbnb representative.