The most popular e-marketing tools

Search Engine Positioning

Positioning aims to achieve the highest possible position in the search engine for specific phrases – keywords. It is an extremely effective and still relatively cheap method of advertising on the Internet.

Thanks to the high position in the search engine we definitely increase our chances on the market – we become more visible and recognizable. Internet users most often, after typing a specific phrase in the search engine, click only a few first results.

Whether we get a high position in the search results depends on whether a potential customer will reach our website and get acquainted with our offer. It may happen that our offer will be the most competitive and extremely attractive, but if we do not reach potential customers with it, we cannot count on sales.

Every visitor can be a potential customer, so it is very important for e-marketing to position the website well for specific phrases and optimize the website.

High positions in search engines can be achieved by acquiring specialist SEO knowledge available on the Internet or by outsourcing these activities to an external company. It should be remembered, however, that high positions in search engines may not always translate into increased sales.

Therefore, before we decide to sign a contract for positioning, it is worth first checking whether our website is ready for such actions.

More on this subject we write about it in the article – is positioning the best way to increase sales.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing uses e-mail for marketing purposes. The basic tasks of e-mail marketing include communication with customers via e-mail, creation and analysis of the mailing database, preparation of the content of individual messages delivered to the customer, as well as encouraging potential customers to take advantage of the offer offered by the company.

In the long run, marketing activities carried out via e-mail contribute to building the customer’s trust in the company, and are a relatively inexpensive and simple way of promotion.

However, some negative aspects of an e-mail marketing campaign should be avoided in order not to discourage customers. Issues that adversely affect relations with a business partner will certainly be sending unsolicited messages (SPAM).

Mailing should therefore be carefully prepared and the address base obtained in accordance with good e-mail marketing practices. Otherwise, instead of customer loyalty, we will get annoyed and qualify our company as a company that imposes itself and does not respect the privacy of others.

What is worth remembering:

you should take care of your mailing database, it is worth removing inactive and outdated addresses

it is best not to use the words promotion, discount, etc. in sent messages. – such emails are treated as SPAM

before sending the mailing it is worth first to do tests and send the message to popular operators such as Gmail, etc. and check if the message does not go to SPAM, and if it goes to correct the content of the mailing, the title of the message, etc.

care should be taken to ensure high deliverability of e-mails and relatively similar movement of sent messages from a given IP address – jumps in the number of sent e-mails may cause the server’s IP address to go to the black list.

Google AdWords

Google is the most common system of paid advertisement in search engines (in Google). Using Google AdWords you can create your own advertisement and personally select keywords related to your company and its profession.

This advertising system makes it possible to display sponsored links in Google search results, as well as on partner websites. Advertising goes to the person concerned when he or she searches the search engine for products related to our business. It is displayed as a kind of advertising box.

This form of e-marketing activities makes it possible to precisely determine and plan the budget that will be spent on advertising activities, as well as to verify which elements of advertising work well and which do not necessarily.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has become one of the most important elements of modern e-marketing in recent years. It is hard to imagine effective positioning without valuable content.

Thanks to the enormous popularity of social networking sites, especially Facebook, content or content in various forms can be used to build brand awareness, generate sales leads or website traffic. More and more marketers are aware of it and more and more companies invest in valuable content.

What is the most popular content:

  • photos
  • video
  • blog entries
  • analyses
  • tutorials
  • expert articles
  • audio podcasts
  • video podcasts.

When creating content, it is also worth remembering about copywriting. In the area of Internet marketing, by copywriting we will mean primarily writing texts for a specific website (also for pages that are just being created), as well as preparing articles on a specific subject matter.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most popular social network. Currently it is used by 1.86 billion people a month. At the same time it has the largest user base, which it manages very well. Users provide information about themselves – what they do, what they like, how they spend their free time. In a word, Facebook has very detailed information that marketers can use in many ways.

Facebook Ad is an advanced tool for creating marketing campaigns addressed to a specific group of recipients – so called audiences. Thanks to advanced targeting tools, we can precisely identify the group of users we want to reach, among others, gender, age, geographical area, interests, profession and many other technical parameters.

Additionally, it is possible to create groups of recipients similar to a specific group – Facebook takes into account the parameters of a defined group and on this basis searches for users with similar parameters.

This is not the end of targeting possibilities. By placing an appropriate tracking code on our website – the so-called “pixel”, we are able to build groups of users who visited our website and direct advertising to them in the process of so-called “remarketing”.

Apart from segmentation of users among the available tools we have many types of advertising forms, which can be used to create a message to users. Depending on the goals of our campaign, we have at our disposal ordinary posts, i.e. photos with text, carousels consisting of many posts, animations created from photos to classic videos.

Additionally, Facebook allows you to test many forms of advertising within one campaign and many ads within a given group.

All these possibilities make Facebook an ideal place for e-marketing, which we can use to build brand awareness, create a group of recipients on your fanpage or generate leaks by redirecting traffic to your own website.