One of the pillars that strengthen and maintain our balance is mental health, as it perfectly complements our physical and is the central board of our actions. We share these tips to improve their performance.

If sometimes you feel that you arrive at work without noticing it or automatically, it is because your mind is used to the same activity and reaches the point of doing it without notifying or without perceiving external factors or changes.

According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, almost 95% of the activities we perform are habits or automatisms, that is, actions that we have learned and that do not need to be reprocessed.

These small decisions do not seem to be transcendental, however, as a whole, and with the passage of time, they impact all aspects of our lives, such as health, productivity, and mood.

If you are looking to perform better or just make a positive change for your body and mind, we recommend following these steps:

Establish a budget – It’s important to know your income and create a spending plan so you can ensure you always have enough money for what you need.

Keeping a daily record – Knowing your cash flow will help you identify where it comes from and what you use it for, so you can eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Save – Putting a percentage of your income, regardless of the amount, into a savings fund will keep you calm in the event of any eventuality. A very simple option to meet your goals is to use theĀ  Plan app, where you can set a target and savings percentages.

Remember that good habits are the easiest way to achieve your goals and maintain your financial peace of mind. Find out about the digital options BBVA Bancomer has for you.