Improve your physical and mental health by walking through the best spring landscapes.

Spring landscapes that will make you feel better

The environment in which we move directly affects our mood. Seeing from the window of our home or workplace beautiful spring landscapes help us, without doubt, to feel much more relaxed, harmonious and positive.

If you are not lucky enough to enjoy this image in your daily life, you can always look for a time to get in touch with your nearest natural environment. Making a getaway now that the weather is good is the best way to disconnect from daily stress. You will feel much better physically, but especially mentally and emotionally. Set aside your worries and let yourself be seduced by all the charm of our flora and fauna.

Spring landscapes in Spain
From end to end of our peninsula we can find spring landscapes of great beauty. Visiting one of them is an experience that will undoubtedly recharge our batteries for a long time.

The Cíes Islands in Galicia are one of the great treasures of the estuary. Walking along its beaches and hiking along the different routes marked with the softness of the spring temperature will help us to enjoy the trip. One recommendation: the Alto del Príncipe route is ideal for observing the seagulls on the cliffs.

Between the end of March and the first days of April, we cannot miss a unique experience: visiting the Jerte Valley, in Cáceres. This is the time when the cherry blossoms that flood these lands offer us a spectacular white mantle that covers the valley. In addition to the wonderful landscape, we can enjoy various popular festivals organized around this event.

Another must-see on these dates is the visit to the Fageda d’en Jordà, in Girona. Surrounded by volcanoes, this beech forest is unique in Spain and offers us a unique symphony of colors with the arrival of spring and the appearance of the first flowers.

Spring in Europe
The mild temperatures also reach different European countries to offer spring landscapes of spectacular beauty.

The Haarlem area in the Netherlands is home to the planting of numerous tulip bulbs. With the arrival of spring, these plantations show their flowers and symphonies of colors in spectacular landscapes resembling a rainbow.

Another of the most beautiful spring landscapes that we can find in Europe is the flowering of lavender fields in French Provence, which dyes these lands with lilac tones.