Limousine Hire Best Deals

Do you have a special event and need extra transport to get there? A limousine is a luxurious way to get to your place in style, but it can be relatively expensive. You can find good deals for renting a limousine, which makes it an affordable way to reach a special event, but above all you will need to evaluate your budget and needs before you go further and find these money saving offers.

First of all, create a budget for your limousine. Decide on the minimum and maximum amount you can afford. Then explore what you want and your requirements, which can include entertainment packages, a model of a limousine, how long you want it on and the distance you need to travel. All this will affect your total cost.

Decision 1: Model

The brand and model will have a major impact on the overall cost. For example, newer models are much more expensive to rent than older limousines. A trip with a limousine, which is a bit outdated, will reduce costs. Another cost-consuming aspect is the limousine brand, for example, rarer models such as Jeep, Range rover and Hummer limousine will cost more than ordinary Bentley limousines. The bigger the size – the bigger the limousine, the more expensive it will probably be! A traditional super stretchy white limousine is likely to cost more than a smaller limousine.

Decision 2: Passengers

Check how many people travel with you. Most limousines can accommodate a minimum of 8 people, so if you want to invite more than 8 people to a party, you may have to rent one of the larger limousines. Sharing the cost, if possible, will also help you to afford the exact limousine that your party wants.

Decision 3: Hours of hire

Decide how long you need a limousine, as well as how long you need a limousine. Many limousine hire companies have limousine offers based on hours and number of limousines. It may be cheaper to rent more than one limousine for a good few hours than to rent one limousine per hour, so make sure the limousine company you are using has some offers.

Decision 4: Distance

Distance can affect the cost of renting a limousine. For example, picking up all your friends individually may cost you more than 1 or 2 pickups. So decide how you want to organise pickups and check if the limousine company charges you for an extra kilometre.

Decision 5: Entertainment and extras

Choose the entertainment or add-ons you want. Entertainment can include music systems, karaoke machines, DVD players and much more. Other accessories include chocolate, decorations, champagne and drinks from the mini bar. When asking about limousines, ask which models contain what and if there is an extra charge for using them.

Knowing just what you need and what kind of party bus rentals are available, you can find a good deal. Just a little research and patience.