What To Expect In House Cleaning Service

Due to the fact that schedules are so hectic these days, it is not uncommon for a household to use the services of a maid to try to keep the home in good shape. The last thing everyone wants to do when they get home is roll up their sleeves and start cleaning. The ability to pay a small fee to come home clean after a busy day is extremely attractive.

Services will vary depending on the type of business you hire. There are many small cleaning companies that can literally be one person and the type of cleaning they are doing is likely to be more limited. Small businesses that offer cleaning services and crews tend to be more effective and to work much faster than a single person. Here are quick rounds of some of the duties of a typical maid service.

Vacuum cleaning – this is, of course, a very important part of the service, but it should involve much more than the accidental passage of carpets that are visible. As this is a paid service, the furniture must be moved and every area of the house must be covered. Of course, this should also include the complete vacuuming of all the furniture.

Windows – Clean all windows (including door windows). This is a very common standard. However, an outside service may not be covered by the service. This is something that should be covered during the first meeting with the cleaning service.

General cleaning – this includes bathrooms, kitchen, bedroom and the entire living space. Each room must be thoroughly cleaned. In the case of rooms, this may also include changing bedding. All trash bins must be emptied and floors must be brushed and washable. The kitchen can be a difficult place. Make sure there are responsibilities in the kitchen, such as cleaning the refrigerator and the inside and outside of the oven. Many maid services will not include them in their regular packages and will add charges for these services.

Shopping and cooking – this is something that would be part of a high quality package. An agreed menu would be delivered weekly and the service would shop and then prepare meals as agreed. Meals were chilled and/or frozen for a week and could be prepared in minutes when the customer was ready to eat.

Pets – owning pets can be very difficult and this is something that should certainly be included in the service. For example, if there is a cat in the house, changing the litter tray can be included in the service. If there are pets, it is also important to make sure they are vacuuming the furniture and using floor deodorants and furniture to alleviate the “pet smell” that can be introduced into the home.

A maid services near me is a great way to make your life easier, but you want to make sure you get good value for money. For someone who just wants to keep order at home, you can spend very little and get it. Although it may cost a little more to get a full cleaning service, many people think it’s worth it so they can really enjoy their free time.